The following is a document submitted by e-mail in lieu of a maintained pin directory for this area. It may be out of date (see entry date at bottom) but may still be of use.

In Gothenburg (Gšteborg in Swedish), there is a downtown amusement park called "Liseberg" ( if you know Swedish). It has a 3 or 4 story house full of games, probably around *40* pins, mostly in good or decent shape too :) Who needs a roller-coaster with such a paradise around the corner ;) Here's the big drawback: it's only open during the summer :( It opens on weekends a few weeks before it opens on weekdays, and the mirror situation happens at fall. Another small annoyance: they cut power without warning at closing time. Had the game of my life (>10 billion on Twilight Zone) cut short, no Grand Champion title or anything. Who pays attention to the time in a situation like that? Still I have never seen an arcade that comes close to Liseberg in pinball supply. If Liseberg happens to be closed, try "Biljardpalatset" (Billiards Palace). It is not far from the tourist attraction "Feskekšrka" (Fish Church). Submitted by "ike" Feb. 01, 2001