Santa Cruz: Special Effects Arcade
235-H Mt. Hermon Rd. Scotts Valley (5 miles north of Santa Cruz)
Usually with 2-4 pins which are well maintained and cleaned weekly.
Current line up: Medieval Madness, X-Files.

Above submitted by Jim Melehan (jimbofx -at- on 23 Feb. 1998.

Usually 1 or 2 at the Blue Lagoon.
*Many* at the Boardwalk -- including Hook, Whirlwind, Hurricane, Space Shuttle, Twister, SW, SW:SE, SFII, Theater of Magic, Stargate, Space Jam, AFM, and plenty more that I'm forgetting. However, with a few exceptions they're all in pretty poor condition; a good stop if you want to try out each one once to get an idea how they play, but bad if you actually want to get into it.

Student union on campus usually has 3-4 pins, some in good condition, others less so.

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