The following is a document pulled from in lieu of a maintained pin directory for this area.

1) In Summerville (Summerville is North/West of Charles. off of I-26; if you are coming into Charleston on I-26 you go through Summerville.). Take the Ashley-Phosphate exit to Summerville. Approx. 2-3 miles on the right is a Putt-Putt wana-be called Frankie's Fun House. They have 4-5 pins (usually 2 or broken).

2) McDonald's restaurants - in and around Charleston all the Micky D's have pins in them. Most are in working order. (This is a great idea and I wish the Raleigh area would do the same.) 3) The last one I can think of is call Q-Zart (lazer tag place). It is either on Rt 17 or Rt 60 heading out of Charleston (but still in the city limits). They usually have 2 pins. You may want to call ahead.

4)There is at least one other place that I stop at to play in SC. It is the world famous South Of The Border (on the NC and SC border off of I-95). They have at least six pins in one building and 1-2 in another. The condition is so-so at best.

Good luck. Your best bet is McDonald's.

Bud Zeller