The following is a document pulled from in lieu of a maintained pin directory for this area.

There's a new arcade open in the South Mall in Allentown, PA (on Lehigh Street near Emmaus). It's called "Flippers". It just opened this weekend, and I was very excited to get to it, especially since it's called "Flippers"! Well, I finally got over there today for a brief stop during lunch. I wasn't disappointed...lineup of seven pins as best I can remember (my mind is gone I was just so overwhelmed):

Twilight Zone
The Addams Family
Indiana Jones
The Shadow
World Cup Soccer
Theatre of Magic
(and one other one I can't remember...maybe Terminator or Demolition Man?)

The pins actually come close to outnumbering the vids! All looked to be very well maintained (but it just opened...I hope that continues).

Marty Chamberlain
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