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Dave Grossman (thoughts and articles on entrepreneurship, venture capital, medical tech, credit cards, loyalty programs, and travel): LinkedIn | Twitter

3D Animation:

DG Interactive / DG Medical Animations: A leading boutique 3D animation studio with a focus on medical animations.

DG Interactive / DG Medical Animations on Social Media:

Web | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Vimeo

Travel and Credit Card Rewards:

MilesTalk: Frequent Flyer Miles and Credit Card Rewards

Your Best Credit Cards: Rewards optimization engine that matches you up with the perfect credit cards for your personalized spending habits.

MilesTalk Social Media:

Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Private MilesTalk Facebook Group: We discuss everything related to miles, points, and credit cards.

I “wrote the book” on how to get started in frequent flyer miles and credit card rewards

Interested in getting started in frequent flyer miles and credit card points? Get my book: “MilesTalk: Live your Wildest Travel Dreams Using Miles and Points”



I also regularly speak on the topic of miles and points and credit card rewards



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